Expo Terms for 2011

Businesses will not be able to exhibit unless they have read, understood and agreed to these terms and conditions.

Registering for the Macarthur Expo 2011confirms that:-

1. The Exhibitor has agreed to attend the 'Macarthur Expo 2011' and to display relevant information about their products and services in the designated / allocated area.

2. The exhibitor will pay the deposit of $200 and the balance as per the payments terms.

3. Exhibitors must be from a business or organisation located in the Macarthur Region. Any organisation based outside the Macarthur region will be assessed by the event organisers on an individual basis. All exhibits are to be subject to the approval of the event organisers.

4. All exhibitors are to use the registration form to list their details to be included on the website.

The Booth
5. The stand must be setup and packed away as directed by the Expo committee.

6.The Exhibitor and their display material must remain within the confines of their allocated booth/area. They must not obstruct, interfere or impede any other exhibit and keep all aisles and walkways clear.

7.The exhibitor must keep their allocated area/booth clean and tidy at all times and remove ALL rubbish leaving their booth in a pristine condition.

8.The Exhibitor shall agree not to display or give benefit to any other business..

9.All electrical appliances used must be tagged in accordance with OH&S regulations.

10.All booths are allocated on a first come first served basis. Booth allocation for event sponsors, partners, organisers and supporters will be at the discretion of the committee.

11.Exhibitors must not make any changes to the structure of their booth.

12.The Exhibitor must not rent or sub-rent in whole or in part their booth without written permission from the Event Organisers.

13.All exhibitors must staff their booth during the hours of the Expo.

14.The Event Organisers reserve the right to prohibit Exhibitors from displaying dangerous goods, or from presenting goods or services in an unsafe or dangerous manner.

15.The Event Organisers reserve the right in unforseen circumstances to amend, alter or relocate the space or the location of an Exhibitor's booth and the Exhibitor to take no objection or make any claims for compensation or damages in relation to any allocation of the size or the space re-allocated by the Event Organisers.

16.Exhibitors agree to limit the number of Stand Representatives to three at any one time.

17.The Event Organisers reserve the right to re-sell a booth that has been cancelled.

The Venue
18. All exhibitors must follow instructions from venue staff at all times.

19. All exhibitors must load and unload within specified times by venue staff. Within opening hours all vehicles must be parked in designated parking areas.

20.Exhibitors should be aware that a proactive Pre-Expo media campaign will be implemented by the Event Organisers via radio, local press and online to ensure event success. No responsibility will be accepted by the Event Organisers for lack of attendance or loss of profit to any Exhibitor.

Safety and Good Conduct
21.The Expo Steering Committee reserves the right to issue instructions to Exhibitors in relation to the safety, good conduct & success of the Expo, hence all Exhibitors agree to be bound by reasonable direction of the Chairman of the Steering Committee on the days of the Expo.

Insurance and Liability
22.The Exhibitor must provide a copy of their current $10 million Public Liability Insurance and submit with their registration. In particular, the Exhibitor must confirm that the Public Liability insurance policy held by them covers risks associated with display of merchandise at this Exhibition by the Exhibitor.

23.The Exhibitor must provide a copy of their current Workcover insurance if applicable.

24.The Event Organisers shall not be held responsible or liable whatsoever for damages to an exhibit by loss, damages, fire, water, storms, strikes, riots or any other cause whatsoever.

25.Under no circumstances shall the Event Organisers, sponsors, venue and supporters be held liable for any damage to property, injury or death of any person, financial loss or legal damages directly or indirectly arising out of the Macarthur Lifestyle and Business Expo. The exhibitor shall indemnify and keep indemnified the Event Organisers against all cost, damages, claims or proceedings.

26. The Exhibitor will be held liable for any damage accidental or intentional to grounds, gardens or equipment belonging to the venuen or any Event Organisers material or equipment.

Payment and Cancellation Policies
27.In the event that the Event Organisers have to cancel the Exhibition, all payments will be refunded. The Event Organisers reserve the right to postpone or amend the stated dates of this Exhibition.

28.The Event Organisers reserve the right to cancel any booking from the Exhibition for any reason whatsoever. In such an event, any deposit or other monies paid by the Exhibitor will be returned in full.

29. All payments must be made in full by the specified date.

30. Cancellations received in writing before the specified date will receive a refund IN FULL.

31. Cancellations received in writing before the specified date will forfeit their $200 deposit, but will receive a refund of any additional balance.

32. Cancellations received in writing after midnight of the specified date will forfeit their payment IN FULL.

33.The Exhibitor shall meet its financial obligation to the Event Organisers in a timely manner. It is essential that all monies owed be paid by the due date. Failing to comply will result in the Exhibitor not being allowed to exhibit on the day.

The Event
34.These terms and conditions serve as a legal binding agreement between the exhibitor and the event organisers and may not be varied except by written agreement between both parties.

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